The Counterparts are coming…

…And why should you care?

In November 2010, the Counterparts Gathering will be held in BC for the first time. VOCBC, together with BC’s Government Non-Profit Initiative (GNPI) is pleased to have the opportunity to host the third annual Gathering.
The Counterparts Gathering is a face-to-face meeting of members of the Canadian Federation of Voluntary Sector Networks (CFVSN) and their provincial and territorial government counterparts. The Gathering was initiated by the CFVSN, with the support of the Centre for Voluntary Sector Research and Development at Carleton University.

The first Gathering was hosted in 2008 by the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations in Alberta and the second was hosted jointly by the Volunteer Centre of Southeastern New Brunswick and the Federation of Community Organizations of Nova Scotia in 2009.

Intended Outcomes:

•    Government and nonprofit/voluntary sector participants will expand their knowledge and networks related to strengthening the relationship between the sectors

•    A community of practice will be established to connect those seeking to strengthen the relationship between government and the nonprofit/voluntary sector to share experiences and resources

•    Cross-jurisdictional co-operation will be facilitated

•    Emerging and future collaborative initiatives will be encouraged

•    A summary report highlighting the proceedings will be produced

Like previous Gatherings the event being planned in November in Vancouver will provide time for sector and government participants to network and to share developments across the country. We want to focus on innovations in policies, practices and in working relations to build greater understanding across the country of what is working and what kind of environment the nonprofit/voluntary sector, the community sector as a whole, needs to succeed.
One of the sessions we are planning as part of the Counterparts Gathering is on Research and Development – Valuing the Community Sector. We are looking for innovation in demonstrating and communicating the sector’s value, and at innovative ways of gathering/identifying current data measuring the value of the work of the broad community sector, and its contribution to Canadian society and economy.

Overall we hope the Counterparts Gathering will:

•    benefit the development of the GNPI in BC,

•    help to build capacity in the Nonprofit/Voluntary Sector across Canada,

•    contribute to the development of a supportive sector environment, and

•    further the development of sector and provincial/territorial government relationships across Canada.

We will be posting what other jurisdictions are working on, more information on the event itself, and the final report on this site for our information and your comments.

The Counterparts are coming…What do YOU think?

As the host of this event we are representing you. You have a chance to provide valuable input for us to take to this year’s Gathering, in person or by email…
Please join us for an informal facilitated dialogue on the Counterparts theme issues: 

  • Friday October 29, 2010
  • 1 pm until 3:30 pm
  • Rm. #203, Capilano Mall, 935 Marine Drive, North Vancouver
  • Hosted by North Shore Community Resources

Email for more information, to add your input in writing or to register to attend the dialogue.
If you have comments on topics these provincial/territorial governments and sector networks and organizations should be discussing, or if you are aware of policies and practices in other jurisdictions that BC should pay attention to please send them to:
Gail Joyce, Co-chair VOCBC at counterparts (at) vocbc (dot) org.