The week that was…

Mid-November has seen a flurry of intense activity, the epicentre of it all being the Coast Plaza Hotel in the West End of Vancouver. ┬áThe week began with two days of HR Council meetings with nonprofit stakeholders, followed by the Government Non-Profit Initiative 2010 Summit on Wednesday, Imagine Canada’s Forum 2010 on Thursday, and – obviously overlapping – the Counterparts Gathering 2010 Thursday to Saturday.
It has been a Rubik’s Cube of intersections, reformations, reconnections and inspirations that will take a while to process. Delegates from provinces and territories, representing all levels of government and some of the rich tapestry of our sector’s diverse organizations, attended all or part of one or several of these events.
In addition, many people had the opportunity to hear from Dan Pallotta and buy his book (“Uncharitable”), and debate the relative merits of what we heard with people who hold differing points of view. It was not a conference, but a great mash-up of human interaction with a purpose.
Once we are unplugged from this Matrix of Meetings, we will share highlights, relevant learnings, and links to surprising new resources that we have gleaned over the week.