Federation of Voluntary Sector Networks

VOCBC is a proud member of the Canadian Federation of Voluntary Sector Network (CFVSN).
This was written in 2010:
Momentum is growing across Canada to build cohesion in the broader voluntary sector, with the simultaneous and independent emergence of local, regional, provincial, and territorial networks of voluntary organizations. Though different in origin and structure, the member coalitions, councils, consortium, chambers, and initiatives of the federation all seek to build healthier communities through a recognized and vibrant voluntary sector.
Eleven such networks have joined together to date to form the Canadian Federation of Voluntary Sector Networks to strengthen their impact in their respective communities, regions, provinces, and territories to:

  • Exchange information and resources within the voluntary sector
  • Facilitate and promote collaboration
  • Raise the profile of the voluntary sector
  • Build the capacity of the voluntary sector
  • Impact public policy development
  • Dialogue with other sectors

For more information, please visit their website at http://thefederation.cloverpad.org/