A Society of One?

The BC Society Act is badly in need of revision, to bring it into the current century, and this is being done through consultation and recommendations from stakeholders.
I think one of the more ludicrous proposals I’ve seen among the suggested changes is – to allow the incorporation of a  Society of only one member.
So if this were to happen, is it a good thing, a bad thing, or…. :
How does a society of “one member” further “public purposes”?
Given that an excess of societies already litter the landscape, won’t we simply have more societies, more confusion and less community building?
Alternative wording …
We need to modernize our not-for-profit incorporation procedures and framework. Why don’t we be more democratic and more “business-like” at the same time, and bring community-building down to its essence – – individuals acting alone! that is, Societies incorporated with just one member?
What do you think?