Leading For Change lecture series

Sponsored by UBC Continuing Education and Hollyhock with support from Vancity, this lecture series includes some upcoming lectures of particular interest to our sector. For full information and to register, go to: Leading For Change lecture series.

Lauren Bacon & Jason Mogus
Are You Web Ready? Key Learnings in Working Online for Change.
Nov 9, 2010
The internet is a powerful network that’s creating a fundamental shift in the way organizations work, connect, engage and effect change. What qualities and skills does your organization need to make a bigger impact within this landscape? How can you achieve your mission by catalyzing the necessary shift towards openness, collaboration and innovation? Learn the frontline and behind-the-scenes strategies of highly successful organizations and people-powered campaigns. This is an open forum where you will be exposed to the newest models and strategies for world-changing groups. Get ‘web ready’ with two veteran leaders.
Lauren Bacon is a partner at Raised Eyebrow Web Studio. Lauren’s work can be seen amongst some of the premier websites in the non-profit, government, and progressive business communities. www.raisedeyebrow.comJason Mogus is the CEO of Communicopia, a digital agency that helps local and global social change organizations become more open, collaborative, and citizen-driven by deeply embracing the web.  www.communicopia.com
Ross McMillan
Reinventing Social Action: Is Collaborating with Opponents Selling Out or Smart Strategy?  
Nov 23, 2010
There are new demanding problems that call into question traditional approaches to social action. Significant strife has arisen in recent years within the BC activist communities over collaboration with other parties such as industry, First Nations and governments. Is collaboration needed to solve intractable social and environmental problems? Should it be an essential part of campaigning? Join a discussion around the forms and applications of collaboration and consider what a new understanding of collaboration could mean for a reinvented activism.
Ross McMillan is the President and CEO of Tides Canada. Ross was a principal architect of the Great Bear Rainforest project – one of the most significant conservation programs in North American history. Ross has extensive experience managing organizations and coalitions to achieve success in complex circumstances. www.tidescanada.org