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NEW!! -The Agenda 2010 and Our Learningsfrom the Summit are the most recent additions.

PowerPoint presentations & other Documents given at the 2010 Counterparts Summit are Below

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From Peter Elson: 

  • A Slice of the Pie: An overview of provincial nonprofit-government relations in Canada (31 pages, .pdf)
  • Voices of Community: The Representation of Nonprofit Organizations and Social Enterprises in Ontario and Quebec. (42 pages, .pdf)
  • Flyer for High Ideals, Noble Intentions (book)
  • Speaker’s Bio (7 pages, .pdf)

From Nova Scotia delegates:

  • Discussion Paper The State of Health of the Non-profit/Voluntary Sector in Nova Scotia (42 pages, .pdf)

From Ontario:

 From VOCBC:

  • a summary report from the Urban Institute and the National Council of Nonprofits (U.S.) – Problems with the Government/Human Services Non-profit Contracting System – for comparison with our experience. Some solutions are offered.

Table of Delegates and Submissions (Attendees as of Nov. 8, 2010)

Delegation from:

Sector Rep

Government Rep

2010 Update

British Columbia
Tim Beachy
Gail Joyce
Barbara Grantham
Mark Medgyesi
Louise Renaud
Russ Dahms
Katherine Van Kooy
Mark Holmgren
Carol Moerth
Bruce Milne
Bruno Bourdache
Louise Michaud
Scott Langen
Northwest Territories
Joy Goertzen
Constance Exley
Paula Speevak-Sladowski
Michelle Baldwin
Richard Mortimer
Rose Van Rotterdam
Ontario Update
New Brunswick
Newfoundland/ Labrador
Penelope Rowe
Melanie Thomas
Prince Edward Island
Sylvie Arsenault
Nova Scotia
Veronica McNeil
Anne Perigo
NS Update revised

Others Attending



Tim Brodhead Keynote Speaker The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation
Marcel Luziere Presenter Imagine Canada
Lynne Toupin Panelist HR Council for the Voluntary/Non-profit Sector
Catherine Crucil Panelist Vancouver Foundation
Carol Matusicky, PhD Panelist BC Voluntary Sector HR Study
Andrew Wharton Panelist BC Ministry of Social Dev
Lauren Bacon Panelist Raised Eyebrow Web Studio
David LePage Panelist Enterprising Non-Profits
Peter Elson, PhD Panelist Institute for Nonprofit Studies, Mount Royal University
Heather Dickson Panelist BC Ministry of Regional Economic and Skills Development
Carol Biely Co-Host VOC BC Steering Committee (advisory)
Barb McLellan Co-Host VOC BC Steering Committee
Judi Piggott Co-Host VOC BC Steering Committee
Maire McAdams Conference Support Government of BC
Elizabeth Brady Conference Support Government of BC
Lesley Patten Event Management ASPECT BC

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