Triggering themes

Some of the events and trends we share across a broad spectrum of organizational mandates and styles have really challenged us. Here are a few of them:

  1. increased uncertainty and reduced support – financial and structural – from government and private sector. Do we become victims of undeserved neglect, or find a way to be leaders in innovative thinking?
  2. looking forward, an expectation of dramatically reduced funding from the usual sources. Are there other ways to fund our work? What is holding us back?
  3. an aging leadership remains in place because of economic uncertainty, but may be motivated by duty rather than inspiration – how do we engage and re-ignite the passion of our elders, peers and next generation leadership? How do we ensure that our own history of community-building serves the future?
  4. perplexed by a continuing lack of recognition of the sector at a peer level, after years of work to create visibility and quantify impact, what could we do differently? How shall we get outside the box of our own making?
  5. counterproductive niche-seeking and protectionism vs. collaboration and open sourcing – survival in a time of chaos
  6. a widening intergenerational gap, exacerbated by differences in adoption of new technologies. How can we get past the differences to link the common ground between these cultures?

Are these questions you have been asking yourself? your board? your staff?